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Who in Florida Needs Classic Car Insurance?

The classic car parked in your garage represents far more than a hobby. Whether you purchased your vintage wheels wholly restored or have spent time and money restoring it, it’s a serious investment. If you keep it in peak condition, it will build further value over time and is an asset you want to protect.

If you own a classic car then, like any other valuable possession, you need proper insurance coverage, specifically classic car insurance. Choice Insurance Advisors can help you find the right coverage at the right price!

How Can Classic Car Owners Find Insurance for Their Cars?

As with any other insurance policy the best way to find insurance coverage is to contact a Florida independent insurance agency. At Choice Insurance Advisors, we know how fervent and fulfilled classic car owners feel about their antique vehicles. And if you own one of these precious, mobile keepsakes, we’re here to help you keep it protected with proper, comprehensive car insurance. We will look at different insurers’ policies and then help you pick a policy that provides the best coverage for your classic car.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, classic car insurance offers coverages comparable to any other type of automobile. The primary difference is that insurance companies provide coverage for classic cars with the understanding owners use them on a highly limited basis (e.g., exhibitions, clubs, parades, etc.).

At Choice Insurance Advisors, we offer the following classic car coverages:

• Liability coverage
• Medical payments/no fault coverage
• Collision coverage
• Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage
• Roadside Assistance Coverage
• Death, Dismemberment and Loss of Sight coverage
• Loss of Earnings coverage

Classic Car Insurance the Choice Insurance Advisors Way

As an independent insurance agency in Port St. Lucie, Florida we can help you decide what types of coverages you need for your classic automobile. We’ll work with our multiple top-rated insurance partners to find superior, proper coverage for your classic car. And we’ll find that coverage at the most affordable rates possible—guaranteed. You don’t drive your collector car on a day-to-day basis. Why should you pay full-time coverage prices? At Choice Insurance Advisors, we’ll make sure you don’t have to “break the bank” to feel confident and secure showing off your labor of love out on the open roads of Florida.

For a FREE Florida Classic Car Insurance Quote, Contact Choice Insurance Advisors

At Choice Insurance Advisors of Port St. Lucie, Florida we can help you find appropriate insurance coverage for your classic car at competitive, affordable rates—guaranteed.

Choice Insurance Advisors Inc. is built on relationships in coverage. We believe that our professional responsibilities are not to a corporation, but to our clients. We don’t work for the insurance industry. We work for you! If you’re ready to start a new friendship with a classic auto insurance agency that cares, call Choice Insurance Advisors at (772) 236-6025. Or for a free online classic car insurance quote, just fill out the form on this page.

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